Roasted Bell-Pepper Quiche with Mushrooms and Quinoa Crust


For the longest time, there was always a heap of leftover quinoa in my refrigerator. No matter how hard I tried to make it for family meals, it always managed to expand beyond my expectations, only to end up in the back behind the lettuce untouched for days until rediscovered and ushered out the door into the compost, noses crinkled in disgust.


Nowadays, though unfortunate when I consider all of the pie crusts that could have been, all of that’s behind me. Phew!

Quinoa is a versatile, nutrient-rich grain that packs a punch when flavored well and crisps up nicely in the oven. For savory crusts, when mixed with the fatty qualities of ground nuts, it’s an excellent alternative to standard pastry doughs. This is a godsend when you’re trying to avoid certain foods, whether long-term or short, without compromising on flavor or your ability to satisfy your cravings, and it gives you options for your leftovers. It’s a total win/win.


Personally, when I crave quiche, what I’m mostly craving is the crust paired with the savory softness of the filling, and if that filling isn’t full of delicious, it’s just not going to do the trick. The truth of the matter is that some days, all you want salt and crunch, and no amount of salad scratch that itch. This is one recipe fills that void for me. I hope it does the same for you.

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Chocolate Chunk Cookies

chocolate chip baked

This recipe was inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s “Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies.” 

I began toying with a nut-based batter with less sugar content weeks ago, until finally, by some ridiculous stroke of luck, I somehow managed to get the right consistency. Working with gluten free options can be harrowing work — especially when trying to forego as much sugar as possible. Initially, I ended up with batch after batch of cakey, bitter scones, which then gave way to dozens of depressingly thin, dry, powdery biscuits. Everything in between those extremes, however, led me to the formula I present before you now.

chocolate chip flattened 2

Do not let the color deceive you, fair reader. While almond flour gets lighter in the oven, often appearing dry as a result, these are just crunchy enough along the edges and chewy everywhere else, just as the Chocolate Chip pantheon intended. These are so convincing, I have passed them off as regular chocolate chip cookies to numerous guests who’d have sooner eaten their own hair than a gluten-free, low-carb, low-sugar “sweet.”

This recipe is filling, and while not entirely free of added sugar, it strikes a great balance without compromising taste. Thanks to the combination of stevia and turbinado, each cookie contains under 6g of sugar, and just a hair over 10g of carbohydrates. It also contains a wealth of good fats (the kind that keep you fuller, longer), omega 3s, protein, and fiber.

Bon appétit! ❤

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Sweet Potato Trifecta Chili

This morning, while doing some errands, I was listening to Good Food on KCRW, which was kind enough to remind me what season it is at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. It’s bean season! Beans are not only delicious, but according to the farmer interviewed, they are planted in opposition with berries and tomatoes to enrich and replenish the soil. Vegetarians are quick to pick up the bean for the purpose of protein, but in actuality, beans have so much more going for them. They’re high in folate, B1, and manganese, as well as fiber and iron rich. Further, when prepared well, they’re excellent tools for keeping your body full and fueled throughout the day without turning to carbohydrates from grain-based meals.

With that said, here’s a clean recipe that’s both delicious and ties into bean season.

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Hi World!

I’ve finally decided to join the 21st century by making a website. I am doing this in part to help patients locate resources for health regimens, but also to give people some tips on how to empower their own healing processes. I’ll be covering everything from simple therapeutic exercises people can do in the privacy of their own homes, to posting recipes that maximize nutritional benefits, to exploring pros and cons of various health crazes, to infinity and beyond.

It is my hope that by making these things public, individuals will benefit more broadly from the work I’ve done locally in Topanga Canyon for the last 27 years. Also, while the breadth of my knowledge is extensive at this point, I am always learning new things and excited to share them with open-minded audiences.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more. Till then, please enjoy the view.




And stay tuned!


Nancy M.